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Summertime in Sefton

Race 3 of 2016 was held out at Sefton, with 68 starting riders.  After some adjustments, A grade had 16 riders, B the largest at 19, C grade had 16 and a further 14 in the D/E/F/junior races.

In the A grade, the TotalPos team arrived en masse and strongly influenced the race.  Almost as soon as racing began, a break of three riders formed and set about building a gap.  Without a coordinated chase, the pack struggled to bring back the break until lap 2 when some fresh riders took up the chasing duties.  It was all back together by the time lap 3 began, but on the drag back towards Sefton, Ben Robertson (Mike Greer Homes) and Richard Lawson (TotalPOS) attacked the field.  The pack chased hard, but ultimately couldn't close down the move, and aided by teammates in the pack, the break's advantage grew out to several minutes.  It wasn't to be for Ben though, with a puncture ending his race and leaving Richard out in front alone to take the solo win.  
Back in the pack, the chasing riders were done, and when the dust settled it was Joe (TotalPos) in 2nd and Jake Rowse in third.  

Nice work guys!

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