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Race Report Pyramid Valley 65km Graded Scratch: B grade - By David Roche

Weather not looking too flash with Southerly and drizzle, but it cleared and stayed dry. All riders looking forward to trying the new Pyramid Valley course. Once rolling Tony Gibson wasted no time in getting some attacks going and drilling it on the front of the group. Although it should have been a tail wind it still was blowing all over the place. The road slowly steepened as we got inland into some terrific country and there were some big rollers just before the turnaround. I think it was Jeremy Heathfield who got KOM at the top just before the turnaround. On the return leg the wind was harder, so the group was lined out most of the time. A few more attacks but they didn’t stick. I had a couple of unsuccesful stabs at 15km and 10km to go. Then Phil Scott, Ben Hillery and Tony Fowler went up the road. Everybody else seemed to be just watching. So when a Mackleys rider (sorry don’t know name) went to bridge I went too. Surprisingly we got away. My buddy faded a bit, I thought we’d been caught, but somehow we were still out in no mans land. Reon Nolan coming the other way over the road yelled at me to dig it in and bridge, so I did and got on. Hit the corner and just redlined it for the 1km run to the finish, I could feel Darran Humpheson breathing down my neck as the bunch closed in, but was very pleased to squeak over in 4th. Verdict on the new course: Brilliant.

Winner: Ben Hillery. KOM: Jeremy Heathfield (I think). Most combative rider: Tony Gibson. Sportsmanship award: Mark Forsey who gave Tony a bidon when he’d dropped his.

With big thanks to the folk who organised the race and volunteered to marshal.

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