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Pegasus Rider Julie Milne - Strength and Commitment - Story of living with the outcome of strokes and support of others

Julie Milne - Pegasus Cyclist - sent me this  note :-

It’s been a long time.   I hope you are doing well.

You might have heard that I had a back operation a couple of years ago.  I’ve recovered well  now but when I was waiting for this operation my right side  which was my stroke side really stiffened up and I lost so much balance that I ended up  walking with a stick.

To cut a long story short after this operation I went to physio at Bruce Milne’s every two weeks for two years so  now I’ve got limited movement back in my shoulder but if I work at it there is no pain when riding my bike. A huge first.

I am now working on a trip-On the 12th February 2018,  to raise the profile of strokes asI am starting to improve again.  I want to get that point across to stroke survivors that had their stroke years ago and  feel stuck.  Maybe improvement hasn’t happened for a while and maybe they feel that it’s been so long that  they feel it’s not going to happen. I know that this improvement can happen, not only for individual stroke survivors  but give their families  hope also.  I also  have the support of the Stroke Foundation.

I basically  want to give people with stroke hope, that no matter where you start or restart,  if you believe in yourself enough improvement can be made.

Therefore I am going to bike from Bluff then up on the top of the North Island.   I’ve got a bog going via Facebook

Please have a look https://www.facebook.com/Stroke-awareness-105116083308258/?skip_nax_wizard=true

I started this  blog mid-November last year with the intention of telling my story from my two strokes (at age six ) -  informing people of the changes that have happened to me while training for this ride. Two years ago I was terrified of  riding as I had no balance so I started to walk. It is amazing what you can do just by taking one small step at a time.

I was wondering if you could place a link from the Pegasus site to this blog. Hopefully people will be interested to know that  cycling has improved my mobility  and changed my life for the better.

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