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2019 Age Group Road Nationals26/02/20192019 Age Group Road National Championships Team Newsletter 1118.71 KBDownload61
2019 Event Calender24/02/20192019 Events CalenderUnknownDownload0
Race Rules Cycling Nz24/02/2019Race Rules and regulationsUnknownDownload0
2019 Age Group Road Nationals24/02/20192019 AGE GROUP ROAD NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS RR CIRCUITUnknownDownload22
2019 Age Group Nationals24/02/2019Cycling South Canterbury lead-up race on part of the 2019 Nationals course on March 16th127.51 KBDownload252
Competition Drugs Banned 201924/02/2019Tramadol Ban127.51 KBDownload252
2019 Age Group Nationals24/02/2019Club Uniforms 2019 - Age Group Nationals UniformsUnknownDownload18
2019 Age Group Nationals24/02/2019Age Group Road National Championships 2019 Entries OpenUnknownDownload19
AGM30/05/2018Pegasus Cycling AGM 2017 Minutes41.78 KBDownload132
AGM30/05/2018Pegasus Cycling AGM 2018 Agenda39.94 KBDownload106
AGM7/05/2018Calling Notice Pegasus Cycling 2018 AGM91.00 KBDownload126
CNZ Canterbury27/04/2018CNZ Canterbury Inc. Constitution 2015543.76 KBDownload130
Canterbury Centre20/04/2018Canterbury Cycling 2018 AGM158.82 KBDownload103
201829/01/2018Vantage Windows CNZ Age Group Road National Championships Newsletter 1108.84 KBDownload820
Masters Games 20187/10/2017NZ Masters Games 2018374.38 KBDownload927
201724/09/2017Maaslandster Veris CCN International Cycling Team553.11 KBDownload465
20174/09/20172016 Fixed Asset Register194.35 KBDownload293
20174/09/20172016 EOY Balance Sheet170.31 KBDownload219
20174/09/20172016 Profit and Loss Statement174.36 KBDownload171
20174/09/20172017 AGM Treasurers Report79.96 KBDownload213
20174/09/20172017 AGM Chairpersons Report37.73 KBDownload226
20174/09/20172017 AGM Agenda36.05 KBDownload229
20174/09/20172017 AGM - 2016 AGM Minutes42.50 KBDownload230
20174/09/20172017 AGM Calling Notice108.74 KBDownload222
20173/07/20173 July 2017 Club Manpower Newsletter110.32 KBDownload284
201722/06/201719 June 2017 CNZ R&T Council Minutes 21 May 201767.07 KBDownload442
201722/06/201725 May 2017 Canterbury Centre AGM Minutes 2016491.68 KBDownload261
201722/06/201725 May 2017 Canterbury Centre AGM Financial Accounts 20171.10 MBDownload264
201722/06/201725 May 2017 Canterbury Centre AGM Remits 2017108.94 KBDownload221
201722/06/201715 May 2017 Canterbury Centre AGM Agenda 2017127.51 KBDownload252
201722/06/201721 June 2017 Criterium Circuit Proposal to CCC871.58 KBDownload346
201722/06/20178 June 2017 CNZ R&T AGM Minutes 2017355.89 KBDownload1056
201721/06/201721 June 2017 Life in Christchurch 2017 Survey310.33 KBDownload245
201717/01/20172017 Age Group Road National Championship Newsletter 1 UPDATED94.18 KBDownload361
 CategoryCreated DateTitleSize Clicks
201622/12/20162017 Road Programme Narrative77.38 KBDownload584
201613/12/20162017 Age Group Road National Championships Newsletter 192.02 KBDownload389
Shopping - Uniform Orders8/03/20162016 Last Chance Uniform Orders53.84 KBDownload655
Rider Info15/02/2016Race Guide - The Main Divide25.95 KBDownload652
Racing Info1/02/2016Race Guide for new riders - Leeston Classic, 48km Handicap, Leeston24.13 KBDownload613
Racing Info1/02/2016Race Guide for new riders - 72km/40km Graded Scratch, Eyreton77.28 KBDownload611
Rules27/01/2016Rider's Complaints Form247.53 KBDownload567
Racing Info27/01/2016Race Three Guide - Sefton for new Riders -Graded Scratch, Sefton30.68 KBDownload703
Shopping - Uniform19/01/2016Pegasus Club Uniform shop info341.66 KBDownload642
Racing19/01/20162016 National Club Road Championships95.52 KBDownload1140
Racing Info17/01/2016Guide for new riders race 229.49 KBDownload642
Racing Info17/01/2016Open Day Information for new riders24.09 KBDownload642
2016 Open Day9/12/2015Guide for new riders race 1277.70 KBDownload700
Licencing9/12/20152016 Guide to Licencing328.58 KBDownload673
 CategoryCreated DateTitleSize Clicks
2014 Pegasus Calendar3/01/20142014 Road Calendar UnknownDownload1456
2014 Pegasus3/01/20142014 Guide to Licencing and Membership48.10 KBDownload1447
2013 Pegasus3/01/2014Pegasus Club RACE RULES94.94 KBDownload1265
2013 BRT3/01/2014106_BRT Racing Rules 2013 Version 0113UnknownDownload1105
2014 Pegasus1/04/2015Survey Summary Report - 23 November 2014 730.31 KBDownload885
 CategoryCreated DateTitleOwnerSize Clicks
201217/04/2013Pegasus rider wins Bronze at Oz NationalsSuperUser Account0.84 KBDownload1596
201217/04/2013Horgan Wins NationalsSuperUser Account334.45 KBDownload1477

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