General News
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Race Info2/06/2019Race Five_2016_Info for New Racers24.13 KBDownload73
Race Info2/06/2019Race Six_The Main Divide_201624.13 KBDownload73
Race Info2/06/2019Race One_2016_Info for New Racers24.09 KBDownload58
Race Info2/06/2019Race Four_2016_Info for New Racers177.28 KBDownload57
Race Info2/06/2019Race Three_sefton_2016_Info for New Racers30.68 KBDownload56
Membership2/06/20192016 Guide to Licencing and Membership328.58 KBDownload54
RAce Info2/06/2019Race Two_2016_Info for New Racers29.49 KBDownload49
Complaint2/06/2019Riders Complaints Form247.53 KBDownload46
Race Info2/06/2019HOW TO ENTER A BIKE RACE313.72 KBDownload45
Rules2/06/2019Pegasus Club RACE RULES94.94 KBDownload45
News 2019
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2019 Womens Cycling20/08/2019Women's Cycle Escape337.64 KBDownload34
201923/07/2019Pegasus Cycling 2018 Annual Accounts145.14 KBDownload36
201923/07/2019Pegasus Cycling 2018 AGM Minutes46.23 KBDownload36
201923/07/2019Pegasus Cycling AGM Agenda37.24 KBDownload42
Nats 20192/06/20192019 Vantage Windows CNZ Age Group Road Nats Newsletter 1118.71 KBDownload48
CNZ AGM Agenda 20192/06/2019CNZ AGM Agenda 2019591.79 KBDownload50
CNZ AGM2/06/2019Minutes CNZ AGM 2018591.79 KBDownload50
Schools 20182/06/2019Schools Report 2018138.57 KBDownload51
CNZ Yearly Accounts2/06/2019CNZC Accounts 31 Dec 20181.03 MBDownload57
Survey2/06/2019Advert for Concussion in Cyclists165.22 KBDownload51
News 2018
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2018 AGM Agenda2/06/2019Pegasus Cycling 2018 AGM Agenda39.94 KBDownload49
2017 AGM Minutes2/06/2019Pegasus Cycling 2017 AGM Minutes41.78 KBDownload44
Calling Notice 2018 AGM2/06/2019Calling Notice 2018 AGM91.00 KBDownload50
CNZ Constitution2/06/2019CNZ Canterbury Inc. Constitution 2015543.76 KBDownload51
Cycling Canty - AGM Notice 20182/06/2019Cycling Canty - AGM Notice 2018158.82 KBDownload44
2018 CNZ Nats2/06/20192018 Vantage Windows CNZ Age Group Road Nationals Newsletter 1108.84 KBDownload47
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